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1. The access power must be reliably grounded. Otherwise, in case of electrical faults, the damage to operators can be avoided, and the loss will be kept to a minimum.

2. The case cover is installed for safety, so the equipment cannot be operated without reliable locking or removal of the enclosure. For maintenance and other reasons, it is necessary to disconnect the power supply and the air supply before maintenance.

3. When the machine is operating automatically, please do not place the hand on the moving part or the terminal machine tool. If necessary, stop the equipment operation, disconnect the power supply, or unplug the power plug before it can proceed. It is a failure to comply with the above principles may lead to accidents.

4. When two or more people are engaged in maintenance, they must always ask each other to confirm the safety and do the operation meanwhile.

5. In order to replace (wire, terminal, terminal machine mold, etc.) or clean, when the hands are required to enter the main body of the host, the power supply, and the air supply must be disconnected.

6. When the terminal is knocked out, the power of the terminal machine must be disconnected, and the tools such as small tweezers are used. Do not put the hands directly into the terminal to take out it.

7. The electrical components such as programmable controller, sensor and driver should not be touched at random, otherwise, the device may lose control and cause an accident.
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