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Automatic Screw Dispenser


Compared with the action of holding the screw with one hand and locking screw with the other, the automatic feeding screwdriver can free one hand to come out. It only needs one hand to lift the screwdriver and point at the screw hole position to lock the screw. After locking one screw, you only need to lift the screwdriver and align it with the next screw hole to lock the screw. The machine automatically transfers a screw under the screwdriver at the moment it lifts the screwdriver, waiting for a screw to be locked, and so on.

1. Hand-operated automatic screw dispenser. The screw feeding and locking are done in one fell swoop. The screw speed is 40-60pcs /MIN, which greatly improves the production efficiency and saves labor. You can play as fast as you can!

2. After each screw is punched, the feeding mechanism will automatically send the screw to the batch mouth, saving the motion of grabbing, moving and aligning the screw by hand.

3. As long as the screw is directly aligned with the hole position, the screw is locked by pressing it lightly. There is no repeated feeding phenomenon.

4. The original electric screwdriver and air screwdriver of the company can be used instead of purchasing new electric screwdriver and air screwdriver separately. The torque adjustment is the same as the original adjustment method of the company, saving the purchase cost!

5. The electric screwdriver is quite light, and you don't need to worry about the fatigue of the workers because of the heavy head.

6. It can be operated on a single machine or configured into an assembly line.

7. Hand-held automatic screw dispenser is used in the automatic assembly line of the electronics industry, such as mobile phone, hard disk, keyboard computer, DVD player, electronic fan, plastic, toys, electrical appliances, communication equipment, electrical toys and electronic processing plant assembly.
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