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  • AL-938 Label Rewinder Machine

    AL-938 Label Rewinder Machine

    * Available Width: 20 ~ 150mm
    * Speed: 200mm/sec
    * Max. OD of Roll: 230mm
    * ID of Roll: 36mm, 75-76mm, or more than 76mm
    * Power Supply: AC110V 60Hz / AC220V 50Hz
    * Measurement & Weight: 240*150*170mm 5.0Kg
  • AL-937 Automatic Label Rewinder

    AL-937 Automatic Label Rewinder

    * Available Width: 20 ~ 150mm
    * Speed:200mm-1000mm/sec, can adjust the speed by the knob
    * Max. OD of Roll: 230mm
    * ID of Roll: 36mm, 76mm, or more than 76mm
    * Green lamp power indicator, Self contained.
    * No maintenance required
  • AL-936 Label Rewinder

    AL-936 Label Rewinder

    * Automatic speed sync and tension control, without any adjustments
    Wind inside or outside, Large roll capacity
    Aluminum take-up spool, Grap handle
    Mounting holes pre-drilled, Outside guide disk standard
    Standard 3″ core rewinding, Inside / Outside / Off switch
  • AL-935 Electric Label Rewinder

    AL-935 Electric Label Rewinder

    * Available Label Width: 10 ~ 150mm
    * Min. Roll Diameter: 36, 75mm (3″)
    * Max. Roll Diameter: 230mm
    * Power Supply: AC110V 60Hz / AC220V 50Hz
    * Dimensions & Net weight: 220*236*185mm 4.0kg
  • AL-936-01 Automatic Label Rewinder

    AL-936-01 Automatic Label Rewinder

    * Max. Media Width: 120mm
    * Min. Media Width: 25mm
    * Speed: 200mm/s
    * Coreless rewinding: Yes
    * Max. Roll Diameter: 200mm
  • AL-937B Auto Label Rewinder

    AL-937B Auto Label Rewinder

    * Available Width: 20 ~ 110mm
    * It is alternate for rewinding and unrewinding
    * Speed: 200mm/sec
    * Max. OD of Roll: 230mm
    * ID of Roll: 45mm
    * No maintenance required
  • Barcode label rewinder AL-939

    Barcode label rewinder AL-939

    Inside diameter of label: 25.4-80mm
    Label width: within 100mm
    Max. OD of Roll: 25.40-190mm
    Power Supply: 100-240V 50/60Hz

Operating procedures for rewinder.

I. Opening process:

1. Turn on the total power supply and test system power of the rewinder in turn;
Note :

(1) Before turning on the power, please make sure that the circuit is connected correctly and there is no short circuit;

(2) When the total power supply is turned on, the alarm will appear. After about 5S, the test power will be turned on after resetting the touchscreen.

2. Open the air supply switch, and please ensure that the air pressure is about 6Mpa;

3. Wear paper in the direction of the machine in the machine state on the touchscreen;
Note :

(1) Please choose the status to be effective before wearing paper;

(2) Ensure that the coil core is in the middle position of the gas expansion shaft, and the coil core is installed in the same position of the left and right gas rising axis;

4. Press the air rising axis button to inflate the gas shaft;

5. Adjust the position of the left and right rectifying sensor, so as to eliminate the effective function of wearing paper after 50% of rectifying position;

6. Open the stop tension maintenance function;

Before opening the tension, make sure that there is no obvious relaxation of the product;

7. Set the running time tension and automatic running speed respectively;
Note :

(1) The tension size is set according to the product characteristics, and the cigarette packet is about 45N. The largest

is no more than 60N;
(2) The maximum operating speed should not exceed 200m/min;

8. Set the minimum roll diameter of the shaft, and generally, add 5mm to the diameter of the coil core;

9. Open the detection software and load the corresponding product template;

If it is a new product, please model it according to the product modeling method and then load the template.

10. Build a new time and start testing;

11. Select the running direction, press the operation button, and the rewinder will run normally.

2. Shutdown process:

1. Click the "Stop Detection" button and use the ICW program to "Shut Down";
2. Turn off the detection system switch;
3. Turn off the main power switch of the rewinder;
4. Shut down the total gas valve.
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