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The Principle Of Magnet Laser Stripping

By using the thermal decomposition effect of laser or destruction of molecular chain effects , the material that needs to be stripped is processed. According to the material characteristics of different layers, two different types of laser can be selected to process the wire. The CO2 laser wire stripping machine can peel off the non-metallic outer layer and the insulating inner layer; Because the laser absorption coefficient of metal materials for such wavelengths is low, it will not damage the metal layer. 
YAG laser wire stripping machine can strip metal shielding layer. Due to the low laser absorption coefficient of non-metallic materials for such wavelengths, the internal insulation layer will not be damaged. 
The combination of the two has a complete set of stripping scheme: the outer insulating layer and the nylon insulating protective layer that cling to the wire core are stripped by the CO2 laser wire stripping machine, and the metal shield layer is stripped by the YAG laser wire stripping machine. 
Advantages of laser wire stripping machine 
When processing, there are no contact with the wire and no machining stress, so the inner core will not be broken (one head of the cutting tool must be fixed when cutting the wire and the other head be pulled. If the outer material is removed by a certain pull force, the wire core will be easily broken). 
The stripping is more clean and without residue (select the laser to cut the material that has a good absorption for every layer of the materials of the wire. It will hardly affect the wire layer that does not need to be processed; the laser of CO2 will only play a role in the non-metallic layer, and the laser of YAG only acts on the metal layer). 
It is easier to operate. ( When operating, the workers do not need to consider whether cutting or excessive traction force will cause the breaking of the internal core fracture and other factors. The requirements for skills of the workers are not high. With computer parametric control, product quality will not be affected by workers' skills, emotions and other factors). The processing line diameter can be more detailed, especially suitable for the production of fine wires for digital products. (It is difficult to make use of traditional cutting tools to process fine wires with diameter less than 1.0mm, diameter coaxial wires or digital product wires, etc. The laser method is very suitable for the processing of fine lines.)
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