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XC-3025D Lead-free Solder Pot

XC-3025D Lead-free Solder Pot

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Feature of XC-3025D Lead-free Solder Pot

  • Built-in great power heater, with the function of melting the lead-free solder and reaching the set temperature rapidly, the electric energy efficiency can reach over 90%, prolonging the service life and saving energy.
  • High-quality titanium tin pot which is high temperature resistant, anti-corrosive and long-lived.
  • Adopt computer intelligent PID control, noble-metallic sensor can do the functional operation automatic recording the temperature in the pot.
  • Built-in many layer stainless steel heating tube, heating up rapidly, steady,high-efficiency, heat transfer uniformity, preheat quickly, automatic constant temperature.

Specifications of XC-3025D Lead-free Solder Pot

Model XC-3025D
Temperature Range 20~500±1%
Internal Dimension 300×250×70mm
Capacity 38Kg
Power Rating 2000W
Power Supply AC220V±10%50Hz
Measurement 520×310×120mm
Weight 9.8 KG

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