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Principle and Operation Flow of Tape Dispenser

1. Definition:

Tape dispenser, which is commonly used in packaging by enterprises, can also be called winding sealing machine. It uses instant tape to seal the carton. The sealing speed is fast and the size of the carton is easy to be adjusted. It can not only improve the appearance of product packaging, but also improve product image, so as to improve the corporate image of the company, as the first choice for packaging products.

2. Working characteristics:

It adopts high tension PVC tape to drive the carton on and below the carton. The transmission is smooth and the tape is sealed in the center. It can be adjusted according to the size of the carton to achieve the sealing action of the four corners of the carton: it adopts electric device to adjust the height and width of the carton. It adopts pneumatic device to realize the automatic sealing and brush of the four-sided tape of the carton. The sealing of the adhesive tape is smooth, firm, standard and beautiful. Operation principle: turn on the power supply, the motor starts, and the sealed box will enter the sealing machine through the transmission belt. When the left and right machine cores of the box sealing machine touch the tape, the left and right machine cores work, at the same time complete tape, smoothing, cutting off and other sealing actions.
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