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Automatic Wire Stripping Machine 1

Introduction to automatic wire stripping machine industry

Because manual stripping is time consuming and cannot meet the demand of the industry, automatic wire stripping machine has become an inevitable trend. The wire stripper is a machine that strips the plastic outer covering of wires and the metal core. Due to the difference in line diameter and material, you can choose the corresponding type. Automatic wire stripping machine is the most widely used machine in the mechanical industry. People rely on various machine automation in many places nowadays, and wire stripping machine is the machine that can help people produce the most. Automatic stripping machine is a product of electromechanical integration, which is widely used in electronic industry, automobile and motor industry, electrical equipment, motor and other industries for fixed length quantitative cutting, peeling processing.

The principle of automatic wire stripping machine

The mechanical transmission structure of the stripper is composed of 7 servo driving shafts and a brushless DC motor. The seven servo shafts are forward feeder shaft, front feeder shaft, rear feeder shaft, rear feeder shaft, cutter shaft, conduit shaft, rotary knife shaft and rotary DC motor shaft. It can be stripped of three types of wire, the first is short line, short line and end of the line is through the front feeder and the front pressure line to complete. The second one is that the head of the long line is completed by the combination of the front feeder and the front presser, and the tail is completed by the cooperation of the rear outlet wheel and the rear presser. The third type is the sheath, where one to three layers of wires need to be stripped. The three layers of the wire ends are completed by the cooperation of the front wire and front pressure line wheels, and the three layers of the tail end are completed by the coordination of the back wire and back pressure line wheels.
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