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Overview Of Wire Stripping Machine

What is a magnet wire stripping machine? 
Before we talk about the principles of the magnet wire stripping machine, let us first know what the magnet wire stripping machine is. It is a high-tech equipment which is born with the rapid development of electronics, communication and automobile manufacturing industry. It can emancipate the hands of the enterprise, improve the processing speed, precision and processing range of the wires, and promote the wire and cable processing industry from traditional manual processing to intelligent automatic processing. 
Operational principle of magnet wire stripping machine 
Simply speaking, the stripping is the process of stripping the protective plastic layer from the metal core inside the surface of the wire that needs to be processed, and the magnet wire stripping machine automates this process. The working principle is different because of the different types of magnet wire stripping machines with different materials and processing requirements. But the rough machining principle is as below: 1.Wires after straightened get into the rotary tool carrier for the first time cutting. 2.Then the wire is sent to the nozzle through the incoming wheel bearing to reach the V tool carrier to start stripping the wire head. 3.After the wire is peeled, the nozzle is lifted to block the incoming line, while the outlet wheel bearings send the tail to the blade carrier. 4.After completion, the finished wire is sent out through the outlet, and at the same time, then the nozzle is lowered to strip the second wire.
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