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The operation procedure of Full Automatic Crimping Machine

1. The operator must be trained to post the certificate for working;

2. Pre-operation refueling and machine check:
1) Refueling and conducting machine inspection for each action part, refueling according to the "maintenance and check" list of refueling;
2) Preheating operation (idle speed) :
① In order to stabilize the machine, please reheat for 5 minutes.
② Due to the solidification of oil in winter, please slightly lengthen the preheating time.
③ The operation mode during preheating is set to " idling mode".
④ If there are wires and molds, please remove them before running;

3. Attentions during working:
① Firstly,  install the electronic wire on the machine host;
② Prepare the terminal and mold, and install them on the press machine;
③ Set the cutting length of the wire and the length of the stripping and confirm them;
④ Move the electric wire to one side of the press and the pressing position of the mold.
⑤ Confirm the pressure state (position, etc.) by  the manual operation for crimping, if it is not fit, modify the processing data and adjust the operation of pressing height, and repeat the operation after ④;
⑥ Step by step, return the wire back to its original position, sending the wire through the feed switch to confirm the shape and height of the pressure.
⑦ Move the wire to side2 crimping machine and mold crimping position.
⑧ Confirm the pressure state (position, etc.) by the manual operation for crimping.
⑨Cycling operation and confirm the processing state of the product. If there is no abnormality, extract the electric wire in the machine by the EJECT mode.
⑩ Set the production number, start producing and performing the visual inspection.
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