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Maintenance of Solder Pot

Objective: to obtain good, consistent and stable welding spot. Reduce the amount of slag.

1. the solder temperature should be controlled at about 250 ° C

2. Clean the tin pan at least once every three months to remove the mixed tin from the bottom of the pot.

3. Regularly test (30 working days) the content of copper, iron, nickel and other harmful elements in the tin pan with the welding feet.

4. Different brands of solder should not be mixed.

5. Dredge frequently to prevent crystal nucleus; Tin and slag can be separated well when dredging. 

Chemical copper removal from tin furnaces

1. Remove the crest passage from the furnace and clean the tin scum

2. When the temperature reaches 230 °, it bound sulfur bag stick to reach the bottom of the charging and moved slowly stir.

3. When the furnace temperature reaches 230 degrees, stick the sulfur stick into the bottom of the furnace and stir slowly.

4. When all the sulfur is used up, the furnace temperature is raised to 250-260 C, where the black slag of copper sulfide can be salvaged and stirred until no black slag of copper sulfide floats.

Matters needing attention:

1. The bag containing sulphur is about 0.5KG-bag of the kind containing rice, and is tied to the end of the drying stick with hemp rope.

2. the sulfur containing bags should be inserted into the tin surface quickly and quickly inserted into the bottom of the tin stove to prevent gas spatter.

3. The beam machine for wave soldering shall be fully open, and a large amount of sulfide gas will be generated during the whole process to prevent injuries caused by waste gas.

4. Dry powder extinguishers are equipped to prevent accidents.
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