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Fully Automatic Round Labeling Machine

The basic purpose

It can be applied to label the circular surface of circular bottle, single label and double label can be applied, and the space between two labels can be adjusted flexibly, such as gel bottle, food can, etc. It is widely used in cosmetics, food, medicine, disinfectant and other industries. The circumferential positioning detection device can be selected to label the specified position on the circumference. Optional color band printing and coding machine can be used to print production date and batch number information on the label.

Scope of application

Applicable label

Non-drying label, non-drying film, electronic supervision code, barcode, etc.

Applicable products

A round bottle with a diameter of 30mm~90mm

Application industry

Widely used in medicine, food, toys and other industries

Examples of application

Sterile water bottle label, gel water double label, red wine bottle Functional features

Powerful function

Single label and double label of circular bottle object can be realized with the same equipment, and double label space can be adjusted flexibly.

The function of locating and marking on the circumference can be realized by selecting the circumference position detection device.

High label coincidence

Equipped with the upper pressure top mechanism, combined with the 3-axis positioning mechanism, it eliminates the bottle fluctuation and improves the labeling accuracy.

Automatic bottle Division

The utility model adopts an elastic pressure type bottle dividing mechanism, which effectively eliminates the bottle dividing trouble caused by the error of the bottle itself and improves the stability.

Touch screen control

The man-machine interface has the function of operation instruction, parameter modification is straightforward, and various functions are easily switched.

Intelligent control

It has the functions of automatic electro-optical tracking, automatic calibration without labels and automatic detection of labels to avoid the waste of labels and missing labels.

A strong position

It is mainly made of stainless steel and wear - resistant aluminum alloy. It has automatic stop function, production count function, power saving function, production number setting prompt function, parameter setting protection function, convenient production management;

Optional function:

1. Function of thermal code / spraying the code;

2. Automatic feeding function (vertical bottle feeding machine);

3. Automatic receiving function (combined with product considerations);

4. Adding labeling device;

5. No label bottle elimination function (customized according to customer requirements).
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