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The understanding of the application and adjustment of pneumatic wire stripping machine.

Pneumatic wire stripping machine is Bo Jin specialized for processing line, electronic wire, cable core and double lines such as the development of semi-automatic stripping equipment (tail), with versatility, easy operation, and mainly powered by gas.

Application of pneumatic wire stripping machine.

1. The machine uses the pneumatic operation, and the solenoid valve is controlled.
2. The distance between the knife and the holder is short, which makes it easy to handle the computer line or particularly short wire.
3. Generally, treatment of the semi-stripping, the end of the whole strip is fast.

Adjustment of pneumatic wire stripping machine.

1. Connect the intake-tube to the air supply.

2. Plug the power cord into the power supply.

3. Step on the footswitch to make the cylinder move.

4. As shown in the figure, two fine-tuning nuts are the key to operation: loosen the grub screw in the middle of the nuts. Nut 1 controls the up and down of the clamp block; nut 2 controls the up and down of the knife die. For the thickness of different wire, the nut upward (counterclockwise) is tight, downward (clockwise) is loose.

5. Debugging OK to lock it in the middle of a grub screw, namely the rear master cylinder for pull cylinder, stroke adjusting nut for adjusting cylinder stroke, forward the more short stroke (e.g., half strip). It is longer, the back skin adjusts OK for the fixed nut lock. The two adjusting valves on the cylinder are adjusted and peeled respectively. The speed of return should be moderate enough to be used normally.

6. The use of the double-blade model is basically the same as the above. It is designed for the wire to be cut and formed once. The following points should be noted:

a) The clearance between the cutting knife and the peeling knife is 1.5mm without the gasket.

b) When it is adding or reducing gaskets, please pay attention to the consistency of the upper and lower thickness, so as to avoid the collision and damage of the die.

c) According to the strip length increase and decrease the gaskets, if the peel is 3.0mm installing a 1.5mm gasket, then 1.5+1.5=3.0mm.

d) When the peeling is longer, the cutter can be removed, and it can be used as a single knife. The length of the peeling is controlled by the line block.
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