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Automatic Wire Stripping Machine

1.Product introduction

Laser stripping is a new application of laser in material processing. The traditional wire stripping process is realized with special wire stripping pliers or knives. In the mass production of household electrical appliances and instruments, the mechanical skinning machine with higher automation is often used. Automatic Wire Stripping Machine has many unique advantages, such as energy concentration, good beam quality, high efficiency, non-contact and high yield. So it can use lasers to strip the insulation of wires and the shielding layer in multiple wires, it is especially suitable for the composite organic insulation covering, such as Teflon, Polyacylic acid.

2. Product features

Fully automated, it has complete functions, convenient operation and stable work.

It can strip the inner shield layer and insulating layer of various materials well, and stripping the inner shield layer does not cause deformation of the shield layer and damage the insulating layer.

Stripping the insulating layer does not damage the conductor, and the finished product rate is very high.

It solves the problems of difficult control of tool stripping and no stripping of multilayer wire rod.

The operation setting is simple, realizes non-mechanical contact processing, does not produce any mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress to the processing material, the processing quality is good;

It can precisely control the position, size and depth of stripper, and has high accuracy and good consistency.

The machine has reasonable structure, humanized design, stable power, fast stripping speed, high precision, low failure rate, and is suitable for long-term continuous operation.

The tensile strength of wire of various specifications after laser stripping is greater than that of wire after thermal stripping.

After laser peeling, there is no wire drawing on the inside and outside insulation layer of the conductor.

There is no change in insulation performance of wires before and after laser peeling.

There is no change in the performance of the inside and outside insulation layer of the wire after laser peeling.

3.Application areas

Different cable materials can be cut and stripped by replacing the core laser.

CO2 laser wire stripping machine is mainly used for cutting non-metallic materials, including chloride of ethylene polymer, glass fiber, polyester, polyester film, fluoride, nylon, polyethylene, silicon resin, other different hardness or high temperature insulation, etc.

Laser wire stripping machine is mainly used to cut metal materials, including a variety of wire and metal shield cladding.
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