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BJ-02DX Auto Electric Bobbin Winder

BJ-02DX Auto Electric Bobbin Winder

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Operation Video BJ-02DX Auto Bobbin Winder

Feature of BJ-02DX Auto Electric Bobbin Winder

  • Our machine installed High-speed bearing for operating bearings, enlarged the working fime, and makes the rounding thread axis rotational speed to 3800 round/min. Producing speed increase 1/3.
  • Mouth sheet added installation inputting knife, thread inputting automatically after thread shape installed
  • As running speed fast, thread and thread supporting parts are cycling synchronously with the high-speed bearing. This reduced the heat generated by friction, makes thread unconnected. hold the shape, not easy to broke.

Specification of BJ-02DX Auto Electric Bobbin Winder

  • No. of bobbins: Feed in 70-120 bobbins for each time (automatically stop)
  • Motor: 370W, 380V
  • N.W: 86KG
  • G.W: 125KG
  • Measurement: 440*550*1050MM
  • Features: Auto offer oil system is added, uniform filling for the thread, not easy to offer the thread, more uniform pattern, more three-dimensional sense.

BJ-02DX Auto Bobbin Winder

  • bj-02dx-auto-bobbin-winder.jpg
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