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  • BJ-5000 PCB Taping Machine

    BJ-5000 PCB Taping Machine

    * PCB dimension: L90*W60mm-L300*W250mm
    * Thickness: 1-2mm
    * Speed of Stick: 10sec/pc(300*250mm)
    * Accuracy: ±0.1mm
    * Switching period: 10 minutes
    * Tape Width: >4mm
  • BJ-6000 FPC Taping Machine

    BJ-6000 FPC Taping Machine

    * Minimum range of two tapes: 133mm or over Adjustable
    Tape width:12mm
    Processing thickness:1.5-10.0mm
    Speed:0.6 sec/pcs
    Dimension of board will be processed: Random
    Power: AC220V9W 50HZ
    Outer dimension:433*133*266mm
Safety operating procedures for taping machine.

Requirements before work:

1. Operators should wear hard hats, canvas gloves and thick working shoes.
2. Check the mold installation.
3. Remove all tools and irrelevant items from the compressor work area, and the work site should be clean and tidy.
4. Check all the protective devices and keep them in good condition. Hang them correctly and keep the lubrication good.
5. All the buttons should be free of defects. The screws should not be loose, the connecting bolts of the mold should be strong, the instrument should be in good condition.
6. Check whether the mold air source is normal.

Requirements in work:

7. Test with idle running. Memorize the position and function of all kinds of instruments, indicator lights, buttons and knobs.
8. The operator shall not enter the mold area and shall not contact the moving parts.
9. If the hydraulic system, control system or feeding mechanism fails or breaks down, stop immediately, correct the trouble and continue to work.
10. No overuse (speed, pressure, load, temperature, etc.)  the machine.
11. Check the sealing of hydraulic system. If oil leakage is found, it should be repaired in time.
12. Turn off the air source and emptying the air if there is an airway maintenance
13. When the electrical equipment is checked and adjusted, the power supply must be cut off.
14. Power supply must be cut off during the power failure to avoid the power grid overload or accident.
15. When the operator leaves the equipment, the power must be cut off, and the non-operator shall not operate the equipment arbitrarily.
16. Always pay attention to the lubrication condition and observe the rules specified in the lubrication system.
17. The surface of piston, plunger, guide rail and rail should be kept clean.
18. The clamping device should be confirmed and the working table is locked.
19. If a fault, accident or emergency is found, press the emergency stop button or the emergency return button as soon as possible.

Requirements after work:

20. Disconnect the power, water, gas switch and maintain the machine.
21. Clean up the scene and make the inspection record.
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