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Common failures and methods of wire stripping machine.

1. The length of front wire is different.
A. If the clearance is too large for the left transmission line, adjust the left clearance.
B. The straightener is pressed too tightly. Adjust the straightener adjustment knob.
C. The catheter is not aimed at the center of the knife, and it will adjust the catheter to the center of the blade.

2. The length of the back wire is different.
There is too much clearance for the right transmission line. Adjust the right clearance adjustment disc to the right clearance.

3. The total length is inconsistent with the actual setting parameters.
A. It is longer than the set length, which is due to the systematic error in the mechanical transmission, you need to reduce the value of "L" in the mode.
B. It is shorter than the set length. Because the gap and pressure adjustment between the two wheels of the left transmission line is not suitable, and the value of "L" should be increased in the mode.
C. The length is not consistent because of the failure of the straightener to send the line. It is necessary to adjust the pressure of the right transmission line to the suitable clearance, keep the straightener sent smoothly.

4. The front-end incision is inclined.
It is due to the improper positioning of the catheter. Align the tube with the center of the knife edge.

5. The line head is stripped out of normal while the line end is normal. Some of the incisions are inclined, some of the line cores are cut.
Because the position of the tube is too close to the blade. Adjust the position of the tube, so that the distance between the front end of the tube and the blade is greater than the distance from the line tail (A).

6. The front or the back is cut off in the same bundle line.
Because the edge of the blade is too blocked by too much wire skin and clean it with a brush.

7. The insulation skin is overlaid.
Because there is the excessive pressure on the left and right transmission line. Reduce the left and right pressure wheel.

8. Stripping or stripping in the middle, the length L is qualified, but the size of A.B does not meet the requirements of setting.
A. The wire quality is not qualified, the insulation layer is too loose to the core wire, and the qualified conductor can be replaced.
B. The insulation layer is too soft which is pushed to deformation in machining molting process. The prototype cannot be recovered by external. It is the processing method itself that has the inherent defect. Thus reduce the requirements on the accuracy of length.
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