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Full-Automatic ultrasonic trademark label cutting machine

I. Operational principle

Ultrasonic woven label cutting machine uses ultrasonic shear technology to mark the label. It can be used for positioning shear, without hardening, smoking and charred edge, etc., it is flat, soft, not loose, smooth and without damage to elastic band and the original characteristics of rope.

Ⅱ. Characteristics

1. Using ultrasonic shear, the incision is complete and beautiful. The cut edges are neat and smooth, without edges, automatic sealing, uncharred, and the cutting effect is excellent, saving labor, one person can operate multiple machines.
2. The machine adopts the high-performance ultrasonic generator system, which uses the interaction between instantaneous high temperature and the cutting knife. Through the microcomputer control system, the soft materials of different properties can be processed. It also has a variety of pressure - line cutting and discharges electrostatic elimination and other functions.
3. Automatic feeding, computer counting, high precision, fast speed, arbitrary regulation length, automatic shear, efficient and fast.
4. It is mainly used for multi label or other soft material straight cutting shape.
5. Automatic tracking and rectifying function.
6. Fast shear speed and small noise.
7. It is arbitrary to replace the shear mold and install it easily.
8. The machine has a fine structure, reasonable design and beautiful appearance.

Ⅲ. Application scope

It is widely used in garment industry, shoemaking industry, luggage manufacturing industry, craft decoration industry, packaging industry and so on. Apply to: ribbon, cloth belt, magic stick, ribbon, ribbon, ribbon, elastic band, elastic band, elastic band, etc., and its speed and shearing effect are deeply loved by the broad masses of customers.
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