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  • BJ-002 Automatic Wire Feeder Machine

    BJ-002 Automatic Wire Feeder Machine

    * Speed: 3000mm:sec(Max.)
    * Power supply: AC 110V/220V, 50/60Hz
    * Adjust speed by manual
    * Test length by auto-induction.
    * Suitable for stripping machine, automatic stripping, crimping machine.
    * Built-in computer automatically controls speed and number of rotation in accordance with speed of feeding.

Safety precautions of the wire feeder controller:

1. Ask professional technicians to install, connect and debug the device. In the conditions of electrification, the device line cannot be mounted, removed or replaced.

2. It is necessary to install the protector between the power input and current source( battery) of this product, in case of causing any dangerous incidents and deadly injure. Things need to be added: over current protector, insurance, and the emergency switch. Please do a good job of isolation and insulation between the earth and the equipment.

3. If indeed need to debug this product with charge, please choose a non-metal screwdriver with a good insulation or a special debugging tool.

4. This product should be installed in the environment with good atmospheric conditions.

5. This product can not be applied directly in the improper environment such as high humidity, dust, corrosive gas, and strong vibration.

6. Do not connect the wire with electrification.

7. Please select an insulated conductor and a shield line which is matched with voltage and current of the driver, and connect them.

8. There is no reverse defensive function of power supply inside the driver. Please ensure that the power supply must be the input of the driver and the external power supply with the positive pole and the negative pole, otherwise, the driver will be damaged.

9. Please use the suitable tool to connect and ensure it to be right.


1. No matter what happens, the signal wire and logical controlling line cannot be bound and mixed with power input wire, the output line ( motor line) and other power lines. The induced voltage produced in this way will interrupt, malfunctions of the driver and cause direct damage to the driver.

2. The signal input must use the shield line, and the shielding net should be single point ending.

3. All the connection of controlling signal should use shield wire, and the shielding net should be single point ending.
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