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BJ-01DX Bobbin Winder

BJ-01DX Bobbin Winder

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Operation Video of BJ-01DX Bobbin Winder

Description of BJ-01DX Bobbin Winder

  • BJ-01DX Automatic Bobbin Winders are specially designed to produce prewound bobbins with plastic sides for sewing machines use.
  • It is applicable for different counts of yarn, such as 40/2, 60/2, 75/2 of cotton thread, polyester yarn, high stretch yarn and mercerized yarn.
  • It is equipped with automatic alarm and tension force controller device with good features of high reliability, low noise, easy-operation, nice pattern of bobbins.
  • It is the advisable choice for most large & medium garments factory, embroidery factory and thread factory.

Advantage of BJ-01DX Bobbin Winder

  • Automatic bobbin delivery system.
  • Automatic bobbin supply checking system.
  • Automatic thread cutting function.
  • Good features of high reliability, low noise, easy-operation, nice pattern of bobbins.

Feature of BJ-01DX Bobbin Winder

  • Automatically feed bobbins;
  • Thread length adjustable;
  • Automatically alarm when the plate empty;
  • Smooth and flat pattern, favorable thread arrangement; increase utilization of thread, decrease thread broken and bobbin deformation.

Specification of BJ-01DX Bobbin Winder

  • No. of bobbins: Feed in 70-120 bobbins for each time (automatically stop)
  • Motor: 0.18w 220v 50Hz
  • N.W: 20KG
  • G.W: 22KG
  • Machine volume: 0.40×0.30×0.28M
  • Measurement: 0.50×0.40×0.40M
  • bj-01dx-bobbin-winder.jpg
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