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BJ-912B V-cut PCB Separator

BJ-912B V-cut PCB Separator

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Specification of BJ-912B V-cut PCB Separator

  • Power supply:AC 220V,50-60HZ
  • Speed: high/low
  • Blade route:400mm
  • Blade adjustment:0-2mm
  • Bottom blade adjustment:0-5mm
  • Back baffle depth adjustment:0-150mm
  • The widest for cutting PCB:150mm
  • The longest for cutting PCB:400mm
  • PCB thichness:1.0-3.2mm
  • V slot thickness for PCB:0.25-2.0mm 
  • Size:700*330*400mm
  • weight:70kg
  • voltage:AC 220V
  • bottom blade size:100*460mm
  • blade diamter:125mm

Feature of BJ-912B V-cut PCB Separator

  • 1.Keep a good stability of the structure, avoide outside force to destroy the welded point or welded face.
  • 2.Use stralight and press  to cut the V slot plastic board or another material board. to ensure the welded point can not be destroyed.
  • 3.The cutting style through special route and sliding rail to ensure the side is smooth after cutted.
  • 4.The cutting route distance can be adjust by touching. It was divide into four routes, it will be convenient for according different blades attrition rate to choose.
  • 5. The back of blade has a cutting length baffle,operator can adjust it according different width PCB. of course it also can cut the PCB with no V-CUT slot and ensure will not bevell.
  • 6.It can make a fine adjustment for different thickness of PCB. solved the problem of PCB V-CUT slot.
  • 7.V-CUT machine's up/bottom blades is high-speed steel.and very durable, if the machine work 8h per day, the blade will be used around 90days. When the blade is not sharp, you can sharpen it again until 7 to 10 times  

BJ-912B V-cut PCB Separator

  • bj-912b-01.jpg
  • bj-912b-02_1557984923.jpg
  • bj-912b-03.jpg
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