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Why do Label Cutting Machine Use Laser?

Why laser?

In the label printing industry, the traditional cutting method is suitable for simple graphics, which has high maintenance cost and large limitations. Therefore, laser cutting is a good solution to this problem. Laser cutting adopts contactless thermal processing, without any graphics restrictions, easily realize the personalized design of graphic cutting, and improve product differentiation and added value, especially the best choice of small batch, new materials and digital printing sticker.

Advantages of laser label cutting machine

1. Do not open the mold, change the plate flexibly. The laser cutting machine for non-drying film marker can completely replace the circular knife die cutting machine, without opening the mold, and the software is simple and flexible.

2. The graphics have no limitations and are suitable for any material. The non - film marking laser cutting machine can cut the shapes and sizes of different graphics, and has good compatibility with complex graphics. There is no material limitation, and it is more suitable for new materials and materials with low tolerance.

3. Fully automatic cutting, quick response, ready to receive orders. The non-automatic film label laser cutting machine adopts automatic system control and saves manpower. Cutting, perforating, carving, slitting, coating and numbering process can be quickly adjusted, can receive orders unlimited at any time.

4. Low reject rate, save material to a large extent. Accurate positioning of the operating system, very low scrap rate.

5. No cutting head loss, low production and maintenance cost. There is no need for moulds/cutters, no need to make moulds for different designs, which will save you a lot of production costs. Besides, the laser machine has a long service life, and there is no cost to replace the moulds and cutters.

6. No contact production, simple operation. Laser cutting without contact, with humanized touch control panel, easy to operate.

7. Stable equipment and low failure rate. The non-film label laser cutting machine adopts the rectifying controller imported from the United States, tension control device imported from France, professional and delicate control system, low failure rate and powerful performance.

8. Multi-function and good expansibility. It can add laminating, flexo printing and so on.
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