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The Classifications And Functions Of Wire Stripping Machine

(1)Electronic-wire wire stripping machine: Electronic-wire wire stripping machine can be divided into semi-automatic wire stripping machine and automatic wire stripping machine. The automatic wire stripping machine is also called computer wire stripping machine, which is usually driven by step motor or servo motor. It can work automatically through PLC or single-chip micro-controller programming control. It can cut off the wire according to the specified length and peel the two heads. There are also many types of enhanced functions, for example, supporting peeling small windows from the middle and supporting twisting multi-core lines, supporting automatically dividing line-of-line wires and supporting layered wire stripping of multi-layer insulated conductors. Semi-automatic wire stripping machines need manual operation. It can effectively make up the blank of automatic wire stripping machine and can process wires that can not be completed by automatic wire stripping machine, such as large cables and the core line of sheathed wires.
(2)Coaxial line wire stripping machine: coaxial line wire stripping machine is used for processing signal lines, such as audio line, router antenna, notebook computer data line, etc. These kinds of wires usually have 3 or more layers of protection. In general, there are metal weave layers used to shield signal interference. The processing precision is very high, and the handwork can hardly complete the processing of these kinds of wires. The coaxial line wire stripping machine adopts rotary cutter head to achieve rotary-cut, which can remove every layer accurately with high precision. It is also divided into semi-automatic and full automatic models. Semi-automatic coaxial line wire stripping machine needs manual operation while the full automatic coaxial line stripping machine can work automatically, without manual operation.
(3)Waste-cable wire stripping machine:  Waste-cable stripping machine is a waste electrical wires recycling equipment, which can separate the copper core and insulation layer of the cable, and recycle separately. It usually uses the blade to cut the surface of the wire, and then squeezes the wire skin and the copper core by a roller to separate them. The finer and scattered waste wires are usually processed by the copper wire machines. The copper wire machine can smash the wires into pieces. Then machines like water shaking punches will be used to separate copper from wire skin.
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