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BJ-SJP Meter Winding Machine

BJ-SJP Meter Winding Machine

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Function of Meter Winding Machine BJ-SJP

Meter, wire cutting, winding displacement /irregular, winding

Features of Meter Winding Machine BJ-SJP

  • High accuracy for meter
  • High winding speed
  • Available wire diameter is wider
Wire Pay-off: need make an extra quotation based on degree of wire thickness, weight

Equipment parameter of Meter Winding Machine BJ-SJP

  • Winding coils: 1-999coils
  • Winding speed: 1-4coils/sec
  • Available wire diameter: ф2-7mm orф6-10mm only can choose one spec
  • Winding wire diameter(inside diameter): 80-250mm, it is adjustable.
  • Winding wire diameter(outside diameter): less than300mm
  • Width of winding displacement: 10-70mm
  • Available wire shape: round, flat wire(doubling etc.)
  • Dimesion: 1100*1150*430mm
  • Weight: around 55KG
  • Voltage: AC220V±10% 50Hz/60Hz
  • Power: <1000w
  • Whether trim winding displacement or not: Irregular
  • The meter length tolerance: less than 5 m   tolerance is ±1cm
5-10 m       tolerance is ±1.5-2cm
10-20 m      tolerance is ±3-3.5cm
20-30 m      tolerance is ±4-5cm

Remark of Meter Winding Machine BJ-SJP

The quotation not include the price of pay-off machine, the price of pay-off machine based on the wire degree of thickness, weight. And for the round wire which diameter less than 4mm, also the wire material is soft, we suggest not use the pay-off machine.

Meter Winding Machine BJ-SJP
Meter Winding Machine BJ-SJP

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