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  • FD-900 Coil Winding Machine

    FD-900 Coil Winding Machine

    * Max. wire guiding width: 110mm
    * Wire guiding precision: 0.001mm
    * Max. coil outer diameter: 200mm
    * Suitable wire gauge: 0.05~1mm
    * Winding speed: 6000rpm(adjustable)
  • FD-920 Coil Winding Machine

    FD-920 Coil Winding Machine

    * Suitable wire gauge: 0.05-2mm
    * Winding speed: 1500rpm
    * Storable winding: 999
    * Counting range: 0-99999 turns
    * Counting precision: 0.1 turn
  • FD-980 Coil Winding Machine

    FD-980 Coil Winding Machine

    * Spool quantity: 1
    * Max. wire guiding width: 180mm
    * Wire guiding precision: 0.001mm
    * Max. coil outer diameter: 300mm
    * Suitable wire gauge: 0.05-3mm
What are the most common problems with automatic coil winding machine and what are the using techniques?

There are four common problems with the coil winding machine: flatness -- winding number -- polarity ---- wounding coil

1. The factors affecting the flatness:

1). Equipment problems:

A. The machine runs unstably, shake and swing.  -- Please repair and maintain the machine.

B. The winding axis centration is different from that of the main axis, and it swings when rotating. -- The installation work is unreasonable and the shaft is not completed.

C. The outlet is too big, and the coil can swing freely in a wide range. -- The outlet is not suitable.

D. The size of the spool is not matched with the hole in the rubber shell. -- The tool does not match the material.

2). Setting and adjusting problems:

A. The starting point: set it in accordance with the position of the rubber shell on the spool. And adjust slightly in the real work in accordance with the testing effect.

B. Width: set it in accordance with the winding groove width of the rubber shell. And adjust slightly in the real work in accordance with the testing effect.

C. Coil diameter: the rough coil diameter is the total width of a certain section divided by the total winding number.

D. Tension: the dynamic tension of the coil winding should be moderate. It will affect the coil overall uniformity if the tension is too large or too small.

E. The outlet is too far away from the rubber shell. The coil free swing range becomes large because of inertia, the control of the coil is weakened. The distance between the outlet and the rubber shell should be treated differently: the coil will be more orderly when the coil diameter is larger.

F. The coil frame is loose, and it wobbles with the wiggle of the coil.

3). Use problem: the rubber shell is not inserted in position or moved when winding.

2. The factors influencing winding number:

1). Machine settings: be more careful when a winding is completed in multiple segments; There may also be an impact on a slow machine without stopping.
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