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BJ-2000M Terminal Machine

BJ-2000M Terminal Machine

  • terminal-machine-mold-bj-2000m.jpg

Specification of BJ-2000M Terminal Machine

  • Operation capacity: continuous terminals
  • Weight: 6.3kg
  • Stroke: 30mm

Product features BJ-2000M Terminal Machine

  • Adapt LEF.Direct terminals.
  • Push terminals adjustable spacing
  • Direct terminal blade, the blade can be adjusted in a plastic bag under the rotary knob(depending on the tool approach)
  • Cast iron body, durable

Terminal Machine Mold BJ-2000M 1
Terminal Machine Mold BJ-2000M
Terminal Machine Mold BJ-2000M 2
Terminal Machine Mold BJ-2000M 3

  • terminal-machine-mold-bj-2000m.jpg
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