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Fully computer-controlled wire stripping & cutting machine operation procedure

This procedure is about the fully computer-controlled wire stripping & cutting machine operation program and methods, which can make sure the operators to use this machine properly and make sure the machine to run normally for a long time and the quality of the products (made by this machine) meets the specified needs.

1. Preparation:

Turn on the power by pressing the power switch, check whether there is leakage about the machine, whether the transmission part is flexible, whether the cutting tool is firm and reliable, whether the blade is broken or worn seriously and so on.

2. Determine the straightening mode according to the thickness and hardness of the wire.

3. Choose one of the sheath tubes (Ф2, Ф3, Ф4, Ф5) according to the thickness of the wire. The tube diameter should be 0.5 -1.0 mm larger than the wire diameter.

4. Select the suitable left wire sleeve and guide sleeve.

5. Adjust the rollers distance according to the wire outer diameter so that it is slightly less than the wire diameter, so as to control the maximum compaction level of the roller to the wire and protect the wire.

6. After checking using conditions of the blade, pass the wire through the straightener → guide sleeve → sheath tube → blade.

7. Press down each parameter setting button, start the numerical input according to the technical requirement, press the start button to start wire stripping & cutting.

8. During the cutting process, please measure the wire length at any time and check whether the wire is deformed by the roller. If so, it is necessary to loosen the roller, adjust the wire size.

9. When the machine cutting wire, the roller is in a rotating state.
Do not put your hands or fingers into or touch the rotating roller.

10. The operator should turn off the power when adjusting the tool holder or blade. Do not put your hand or finger on the blade.

11. When finish cutting wire, please cut off the power supply and clean up the oil and garbage in all parts of the machine.

12. Regularly lubricate the transmission parts of the machine.
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