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ET-2200 Lead-free Soldering Station

ET-2200 Lead-free Soldering Station

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Features of ET-2200 Lead-free Soldering Station

  • The new high-frequency heat-generating technology from German makes it the best choice among lead-free welding devices.
  • Only less than 12 seconds are required for the change from room temperature to 300, thus greatly improving the productivity.
  • Automatic shut-down function saves the power and deletes the risk of safety.
  • The control technology with digital chip used makes the setting of temperature simple and convenient.
  • The imported core components enjoy a long life in use.
  • The comprehensive electromagnetic shielding technology avoids the high-frequency leakage completely.
  • The perfect electrostatic design makes it suitable for electrostatic sensitive environments.

Specifications of ET-2200 Lead-free Soldering Station

  • Temperature set limit: 200 – 420
  • Feed Speed: 4.5 – 26mm per second
  • Feed type: Automatically
  • Power Supply: 220V 50Hz
  • Maximum Power: 120W
  • Weight: 3kg
  • Measurement: 129mm x 165mm x 128mm

ET-2200 Lead-free Soldering Station
ET-2200 Lead-free Soldering Station

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