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The Introduction And Parameters Of Wire Stripping Twisting Machine

The most new 32 bit intelligent control system is used in the stripping twisting machine. It switches the LCD display in Chinese and English with key operation. It can store hundreds of information and can be called at any time. It is efficient and compatible with the function of the old cutting machine. The double line can be processed at the same time, which not only saves labor and time, but also improves the production efficiency. It is mainly used for electronic wire, silica gel line, Teflon wire, glass woven cotton, isolating line, coaxial line, sheath wire and so on. The automatic cutting, stripping, semi stripping, middle and multi stripping, twisting functions can be completed at one time, and the specifications and sizes of wires can be changed instantaneously. And the economic effect is very high. The machine is mainly applicable to electronics, electrical appliances, toys, automobile and motorcycle fittings and other industries. Parameters: Display mode: Chinese interface display or English Power: AC220/50Hz Cutting length: set according to need Cutting tolerances: modifiable Peeling length: 1.0mm-300mm (according to wire type) Suitable core area: customizable according to different requirements Output: according to the length of the wire Cutting tool material: tungsten steel / / white steel Stripping speed: fairly fast Adjustment of wire diameter: adjustable Peeling quality: excellent High precision decimal point: yes Driving mode: four wheel simultaneous drive Pressure regulation when stripping: adjustable Stripping mode: multi-wire / long wire / short wire / multi segment peeling / multi layer skinning / sheath line
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