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BJ-03DX Automatic Bobbin Winding Machine

BJ-03DX Automatic Bobbin Winding Machine

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Feature of BJ-03DX Automatic Bobbin Winding Machine

  • This machine can wind non-shuttle-robbin thread used for various sewing rotary shuttles. It can wind at a time 8 cylindrical lines measuring 8.5 * Φ20mm and 8.5 * Φ20mm. The winding is reasonable and even. It ranks among the hinh-tech products.
  • The non-shuttle-robbin robbin thread can be twice or 3 times longer than ordinary thread and can decrease the frequency of changing bobbin thread and stopping the machine, thus boosting the economical profits.

Function and operation of BJ-03DX Automatic Bobbin Winding Machine

  • It can wind 8 threads of at a time and the speed can reach 1400r/m with human load the unload. The speed can be adjusted with in-put timing installment. The electronic counter can present the length. If the present length is reached, the machine is stopped automatically. then reset and start another circulation
  • The tightness of the 8 threads should accord with one another. Maintenance: Keep the depth of the oil surface in the cambox, 10-20mm Depth(Please add 270ml of machine oil into the gear box before using).

Technical parameters of BJ-03DX Automatic Bobbin Winding Machine

  • Exterior dimensions: 400 * 510 * 1000mm
  • Weight: 70kg
  • Winding speed: 1400r/m
  • Three-phase: Torque motor 380
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