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I Cannot Find a Proper Product for My Application. How Can I Get a Help?
Don't worry. You may leave a message online or send email to salome@bojin.hk. Tell us your exact application and requirements, and we'll help with the case.
Could I buy products with my company logo from BOJIN? Does BOJIN provides OEM service?
Of course you could. BOJIN provides products with or without logo upon customers’ request. If you need OEM service or products with your own logo, please tell us. If there are any other specific requests, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Where and How Can I Get a Copy of BOJIN Catolog Online?
Recently, we don't post an offical catolog online in any forms. If you need to know more information about our products, please contact us!
What can I do if some parts are worn out or broken? Does BOJIN provide spare parts?
Yes. If our products cannot function properly within 12 months, we'll offer spare parts for free; and you need to pay for the delivery. If the products are out of warranty time, you can get parts from BOJIN at best rate.
Does BOJIN provides repair or maintenance service?
Yes. In case of any maintenance or repair need, we'll help to find out the problem and offer relative guidance.

If you find your machine couldn't work normally, please call BOJIN directly or send us emails. Tell us what happens to the machine, and our technicians will find out where the problem is. We'll offer a proper solution, either for repair or maintenance, in the shortest time.

You can reach us by ways listed below.

Email: salome@bojin.hk
Phone: 86-512-5716 9166
How Many Types of Tapes Can BOJIN Tape Dispenser Cut?
About 1000+ types of tapes, including aceteate cloth, glass cloth, double-sided tapes, normex, filament, kapton, pre-stick, cellophane, sctoch, craft, masking, plastic, paper tapes, protection film, insulation film, aluminum foil, copper foil, magic tape, ribbon, etc. Different tape dispensers have their own specialties.
Can BOJIN Tape Dispenser Cut Non-adhesive Materials?
Of course. We have 4 related choices for your selection which are ZCUT-7 definite length tape dispenser, ZCUT-9 auto tape dispenser machine, ZCUT-9P automated tape dispenser, and ZCUT-9RP(new product, no information on site yet.).
  • TEL:+86-512-57169166
  • EMAIL:salome@bojin.hk
  • ADDRESS:11th Floor, Jingzuan Building, NO. 875 Xiaolin Road, Kunshan, Jiangsu, P.R.C.