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AL-936 Label Rewinder

AL-936 Label Rewinder

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Features of AL-936 Label Rewinder

  • Automatic speed sync and tension control, without any adjustments.
  • Wind inside or outside, Large roll capacity
  • Aluminum take-up spool, Grap handle.
  • Mounting holes pre-drilled, Outside guide disk standard.
  • Standard 3″ core rewinding, Inside / Outside / Off switch.
  • Green lamp power indicator, Self-contained.
  • No maintenance required.

Specifications of AL-936 Label Rewinder

  • Available Width: 10 ~ 150mm
  • Speed: 200mm/sec
  • Max. OD of Roll: 230mm
  • ID of Roll: 36, 76mm (3″)
  • Power Supply: AC110V 60Hz / AC220V 50Hz
  • Measurement & Weight: 240*150*170mm 5.0Kg

Label Rewinder AL-935 ~ AL938

Model Number AL-935 AL-936 AL-937 AL-938
Label width 10-150mm 10-150mm 10-150mm 10-150mm
Min. Roll Diameter 76mm 76mm 76mm 76mm
Max. Roll Diameter 230mm 230mm 230mm 230mm
Speed control No No Yes Yes
Rewinding and Unrewinding No No No Yes
Weight 4.0kg 5.0kg 5.0kg 5.0kg

  • al-936-label-rewinder_1505208350.jpg
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