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Product Features Of PVC Tube Cutting Machine

PVC tube cutting machine is a specialized cutting equipment for cutting PVC materials. Now, an automatic control system is generally used, and it can be controlled by the computer. It is a high speed and accurate substitute for artificial production. It is a good helper for modern industrial production. The cutting machine for the copper sheet is suitable for cutting PVC casing, heat shrinkable casing, silica gel tube, glass fiber tube, iron and fling casing, pipe, rubber tube and so on.

Product features:
  • High-speed feeding, pipe cutting machine can be controlled by microcomputer program with higher accuracy.
  • The cutting speed can be adjusted and the screen can be equipped.
  • Length and speed can be arbitrarily continuous adjustable.
  • Automatic grouping and total accumulative count.
  • Batch pause and delay time can be set.
  • All kinds of tubular and banded materials can be cut.
  • High-speed stepper motor accurately controls the length of the cut pipe. And the length and speed of the walking belt can be adjusted.
  • Protection of Cutting time. Set the total number. Set the subset. Divided the suspension time adjustable.
  • With all kinds of manual operation, easy to debug.
  • Adopt special mechanical structure and special cutting tools, with special software control to achieve incision leveling and length accuracy.
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