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Installation and use of enameled wire stripping machine.

Choose appropriate peeling wheel and install them on the machine. Put two enameled wire in the middle of the peeling wheels, set up two peeling wheels to clamp the enameled wire and gently hold the coil part with your hand then press the switch. To test the stripping effect, you can adjust the pressure between the two peeling wheels and control to achieve the ideal effect. When you start, put the enameled wire between two peeling wheels then pull out the wire easily from the wheels. So the peeling work is completed. For when the machine works, high-speed peeling wheels will rub against the insulation and the oxides of the enameled wire. After being peeled, the surface is shiny clean. When the surface of the nylon fiber peeling wheel is uneven or bump, it can cause disconnection or dirty peeling wheel. Fixing is required under this circumstances. You can use a cloth to smooth the wheel until the two strip wheel can smoothly contact. Regularly trim the peeling wheel and this will increase the life of the peeling wheel. When you need to replace the wheel, you can start the work again as long as you remove the wheel that you can no longer use, and then insert the new paint wheel. When we install wire stripping wheel, it should be noted that the wire wheel has direction.

Safety technical operation procedures.

1. When an abnormal situation occurs in the work, the power supply should be cut off immediately, and the concerned person should be asked to check and troubleshoot.
2. When scraping the enameled wire, it is necessary to prevent the enameled wire from being sucked into the wire stripping machine and pay attention to the heat of the enameled wire.
3. Shut down the power supply when the enameled wire is not scratched.
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