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Matters Needing Attention for Operation of Automatic Labeling Machine

The automatic labeling machine is composed of a labeling wheel and a scroll. It works by driving the wheels intermittently, pulling the straps out of the reel and pressing them onto the box by passing the label wheel. It uses an open loop displacement control on the reel to maintain the tension of the label strip because the labels are closely connected to each other on the label strip, so the label strip has to stop and start. 

With the increasing adoption of packaging machinery by more and more enterprises, the automatic labeling machine has been well applied and developed. At present, automatic labeling machine, as a kind of common packaging machinery, has been into the packaging of all goods, and continuously provide users with convenient and fast packaging services. What should you pay attention to when operating the automatic labelling machine?

1. Confirm the transmission direction and direction of the conveyor belt;

2. Check whether the goods are placed in the same direction on the production line and on the automatic labeling machine;

3. Ensure consistent operation and labeling direction of the product;

4. The output and linear speed of the production line should be kept in sync with the automatic labeling machine;

5. Suitable height of conveying surface;

6. There are no special requirements for the connection with other machines of the production line and the joint;

7. Whether there is enough space for the labeling machine in the packaging production line of the automatic labeling machine;

8. Make sure the winding direction of the label reel is correct.

Labelling machine is indispensable equipment for commodity packaging. The use of labelling machine not only brings high production efficiency to enterprises, but also saves production cost.
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