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The Development Of Wire Twisting Machine

The earliest twisting tool: In 1955, the spun wheel unearthed in the Banpo Museum in Xi'an, Shaanxi, is the earliest twisting tool invented in ancient China, which is to insert a rod in the middle of the spinning wheel, twisting the fiber together by spinning the spinning wheel, and use the same method to synthesize the single strands of fiber to a more sturdy "line". Wire twisting machine is a textile machinery that twists many single yarn into one strand. The function is to process yarn or yarn products after merging into a linear products for weaving and knitting. It includes the body of the twisting machine and the circuit part. The spindle of the outer body of the wire twisting machine is connected with the motor output shaft of the circuit part, and the front end of the spindle is equipped with connecting pieces corresponding to the tap switch. The wire twisting machine is suitable for twisting and plying projects of cotton yarn, cotton, chemical fiber, embroidery thread, nylon, polyester, rayon, sewing thread, silk, glass fiber, etc. The function of the electric wire twisting machine is to twist the core of the multi-core wire into one strand. Before the wire core is twisted, it is necessary to firstly cut the outer layer of the line skin, so that it can be easily twisted. If the wire skin is hard, the thickness of the cutter should be increased and the cutter type be more close to the wire core when stripping the wire to wire head be stripped off the core in advance so that the twisting can be completed conveniently. 
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