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375 Feeder With Solder Cutting Function

375 Feeder With Solder Cutting Function

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Soldering feeder (375) assistant tools, eliminate the soldering splash caused by high temperature. Reliable quality and best price.

Specifications of 375 Feeder with Solder Cutting Function

  • Rating: DC24V 75mA
  • Motor Rating: DC24V 130Ma (Rating)
  • Solder Feed Speed: 27mm/sec
  • Outer Dimensions: W*H*D 76*96*50(mm); 2.9*3.8*2.0(ln)
  • Weight: Approximate 590g (1.3lb)
  • AC Adaptor: Output DC24V

Features of 375 Feeder with Solder Cutting Function

  • Small body, saving space. Effectively cut open the tin wire.
  • Eliminate splash engendered by the high-temperature weldings, improve the quality of welding quality.
  • Active the soldering flux quickly, make one perfect environment for welding. Avoid cleaning after welding, reduce the defective products effectively.
  • The function of the feed switch can be duplicated using a separately-sold hand switch or foot switch.

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  • 375-feeder-with-solder-cutting-function.jpg
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