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  • SP-2122 Spring Separator

    SP-2122 Spring Separator

    * Coil Spring O.D.: 2 ~ 12mm
    * Free Length: 2 ~ 20mm
    * Coil Dimension: 0.45-1.5mm
    * Entangled in small spring the best weapon!! This machine will be intertwined for a small spiral spring linear manner one by one through the centrifugal separation of vibration
    * Be suitable for pesters in the same place small helical spring. Performs after the variation way to separate one by one.

The application and maintenance of spring separator:

(1) Adjustment of spring external diameter:

Mainly when adjusting the spring external diameter mechanism, roll cylindrical spring, it only needs to debug the plunger inside or outside, don't need a device variable diameter CAM, convex type in the conical spring, spring, variable diameter CAM must be equipped.
A. Grinding of the core axis:
For the double pole spring separator, the outer diameter of the dabber should be smaller than the inner diameter of the spring, but it should not be too small. Otherwise, the spring will shrivel when it is cut off. Meanwhile, the clearance between the cutter and the dabber should not be too large.
B. Adjustment of the mandril:
The mandril is to control the diameter of the spring, and the diameter of the spring is smaller when the top mandril is moving in the direction of the core axis, while the other side is larger, and the diameter of the lower tip is larger in the direction of the core axis, while the other is smaller.

(2) Adjustment of feeding length and total winding number:

Feed length depends on the selection of gear teeth and the number of teeth on the gears (Z) = spring on the length (mm)/feed coefficient of spring on the length (L) = (spring snap - wire diameter) * ∏ * total number of turns.
After obtaining the gear of the desired gear, mounting the flange, the required total winding number can be obtained.

(3) Adjustment of free height, pitch and effective winding number:

The free height and pitch are adjusted by adjusting bolts under the pitch knife. Adjust the screw downward, shorten the height and shorten the pitch. On the contrary, the length, pitch and effective winding number are adjusted by the variable distance CAM. The larger the working face of the CAM is, the larger the effective circle increases, and vice versa.

(4) Adjustment of supporting ring and tightening force:

When rolling the compressing spring, it is necessary to tighten the ring at both ends and have a certain requirement for the length of the tension. Otherwise, it will affect the working characteristic of spring, and tight position also requires a certain tension in case of the end gap. It is also required that the rings are not allowed to have clearance in the rolling spring with initial tension. Both of these conditions need to be adjusted and tightened around the area.

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