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Barcode label rewinder AL-939

Barcode label rewinder AL-939

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Specifications :
Inside diameter of label: 25.4-80mm
Label width: within 100mm
Max. OD of Roll: 25.40-190mm
Power Supply: 100-240V 50/60Hz
Speed: Auto Adjust Speed, 1-8”/sec
Measurement & Weight: 230*170*190mm &5.5KG

It alternate for rewinding and unrewinding.
Automatic speed sync and tension control, without any adjustments.
Wind inside or outside, Large roll capacity.
Aluminum take-up spool, Grap handle.
Mounting holes pre-drilled, Outside guide disk standard.
Can adjust core rewinding, Inside / Outside / Off switch.
Green lamp power indicator, Self contained.
No maintenance required.
Counter: Selectable

  • al-939-02_1567146599.jpg
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