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AT-1607 Harness Wrapping Machine

AT-1607 Harness Wrapping Machine

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Parament of AT-1607 Harness Wrapping Machine

  • Tape width: standard width 19-40mm
  • And customized for 10-80mm 19-50mm
  • Adjustable feeding length: 40-60mm
  • Winding length:0-600mm/s
  • Outside tape diameter: within 210mm
  • Inside tape diameter: 32mm, 75mm
  • Wire diameter: within 10 mm
  • Net weight:50KG
  • Voltage:220V 25W
  • Size: 365*305*525mm

Features of AT-1607 Harness Tape Wrapping Machine

  • It used for the tape winding of automobile wire harness at the connection node.
  • It is the best choose instead of manual winding.
  • Can adjust the tape length based on the thickness of wire rod.

After-sales service of AT-1607 Harness Wrapping Machine

  • If any question of technology, we will provide the solution.
  • We provide the maintain service lifelong and only charge the cost of the accessories replaced.
AT-1607 Harness Tape Wrapping Machine
AT-1607 Harness Tape Wrapping Machine

  • at-1607-01_1571635539.jpg
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