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Product features of automatic harness taping machine.

1. The equipment is durable and compatible with different types of adhesive tape (such as duct tape, PVC tape, etc.).
2. Keep flat and wrinkle-free, and ensure that each coil of duct tape is covered with 1/5-1/2 of the previous lap.
3. Guarantee semi-automatic winding mode.
4. The winding mode can be switched in different forms: the spool of the same position (quantitative), and the spiral of different positions (with the movement).
5. Realize the setting of winding circles and speed, and output display function.
6. The blade can be replaced quickly.

Using environment

Ambient environment: -10- +50ºC, relative humidity: 5-95% (no dew)
Environment: free from direct sunlight, no dust, corrosive gas, flammable gas, oil mist, steam, dripping, etc.
Altitude: It is less than 1000 m.

Installation steps

1. Insert the power cord plug into the control box.
2. Connect the aviation plug to the control box socket.
3. Plug the power cord into the 220V power socket ( which is provided by Party A).

Adjustment and trial operation

After the equipment is installed, adjust the parts and then try to test run. Check to see if the parts are damaged or deformed before the test. If there is no apparent damage, click the drive mechanism button, and the tape will be running slowly. For more than one week, hold down the drive mechanism button for more than one second. The tape winding head is started slowly, and then it is running at a high speed. Release the button, the tape winding tip is changed to slow running, and the quick click on the transmission mechanism button stops when the position is estimated to the station.
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