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  • M-1000 Automatic tape dispenser

    M-1000 Automatic tape dispenser

    * Tape Width: 7 ~ 50mm
    * Cut Length: 5 ~ 999mm, Digital Length Adjustment.
    * Length setting: Digital
    * Accuracy of cut: +/-1mm
    * Counter Up or Down: Optional
    * Tape Material: 100+ tape materials can be cut
  • BJ-2000S Packaging Tape Dispenser

    BJ-2000S Packaging Tape Dispenser

    * Tape Width: 5mm ~ 50mm
    * Cut length: 5mm ~999mm
    * Accuracy of cut: +/- 1mm
    * Display: 3 digit LED
    * Length setting: Digital
    * Counter up or down: optional
  • ZCUT-2 Vinyl Tape Dispenser

    ZCUT-2 Vinyl Tape Dispenser

    * Available Tape Width: 3 ~ 25mm
    * Available Cut Length: 13 ~ 60mm
    * Adjusting Method: Screw
    * Bobbin: Needed
    * Body Material: Plastic
    * Measurement & Gross Weight: 300×170×165mm 2.8kg
  • ED-100 Automated Tape Dispenser

    ED-100 Automated Tape Dispenser

    * Acceptable Tape Width: 7mm ~ 50mm
    * Cut Length: 15mm ~ 999mm
    * Display: 3 digit LED
    * Blades good for up to over 200,000 cuts (dependent on type of material)
    * Accuracy of cut length is +/– 1mm (dependent on type of material)
  • M-1000S Narrow Tape Dispenser for 5mm

    M-1000S Narrow Tape Dispenser for 5mm

    * Available Width: 5 ~ 50mm
    * Available Length: 5 ~ 999mm
    * Display: 3 digit LED
    * Power Supply: AC110V 60Hz / AC220V 50Hz 18W
    * Measurement & Weight: 218×137×150mm 3.5KG
  • RT-3000 PP Tape Dispenser

    RT-3000 PP Tape Dispenser

    * Available Width: 3 ~ 25mm
    * Available Length: 9 ~ 61mm
    * Power Supply: AC110V 60Hz / AC220V 50Hz
    * Measurement & Weight: 150*120*250mm 2.2Kg
The tape dispenser is an equipment that can support a roll of tape and cut the tape at the other end. According to the operation procedure, it can be divided into semi-automatic tape dispenser and automatic tape dispenser.

Maintenance of tape dispenser

Tape dispenser is a kind of small mechanical packaging equipment, which is very common in modern industrial development, and the tape dispenser is also widely used in various industries. How to prolong the life of tape dispenser is becoming more and more important with the wider application and increasing number of tape dispensers.

The maintenance method of tape dispenser:

1. First of all,  avoid water and oil pollution. The small machines like tape dispenser are not able to contact these materials, which can easily lead to the failure of the machine.
2. In addition, we should pay attention to the dustproof. Nowadays, there is too much dust in many processing places, which is easily falling on the tape dispenser.
3. The maintenance center of a tape dispenser is blade, sensor and motor. The blade can be wiped with silicone oil when it is not in use or a period of time after use, so as to prevent oxidation and remove dirt from the blade, for prolonging the service life.
4. The sensor shall not be touched with sharp objects.
5. For there is no special device of the motor in the cooling process, it needs proper rest to cool down, otherwise, it will overheat. Take disc gummed paper machine as an example, generally, it is better to pause a little while every four hours.
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