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A Simple Guide for the Operation of a Fully Auto Bobbin Winder

1. Confirm that after the electricity and compressed air are in place, they can be activated after manual reset. 2. In the automatic working state of the auto bobbin winder, the body of the personnel should not be put into the area between the skeleton material trough and the feeding tooling, otherwise the danger of clamping will occur. 3. The path of the line is confirmed before starting up, and the flywheel of the tensioner must go through the line once the condition of the jumper is prevented. Opening the unloading switch can easily clamp the wire manually, and it must be closed before starting, otherwise the clamp line will not be reliable.  4. The placement of the skeleton must be guaranteed. If the skeleton is not in place, the material is damaged. Please press the pause button and change and confirm all the skeleton after it is in place and then press the start button. The toe of the frame should be corrected and the feet should not be placed. 5. If there is an accident of power failure or emergency stop, please reset and reboot after reclamping.  6. The inspection range of the broken line:  Whether the path of the line is unblocked  Whether the tensioner is normal or not  Whether the needle is right or not  Whether the barrel has been used up  7. Wire connection: when the wire is nearly finished, tie the new wire and the old one, and manually pull the needle before starting.  8. The adjustment principle of tension is that the setting of the foot is lower and the winding is higher so as to avoid the subsequent solder breaking. It can be adjusted according to the actual situation.  9. The reservation button should be used after very skillful use. The fully automatic button must ensure adequate skeleton placement time and completion time in each cycle. These two buttons are advised not to be used. 10. When changing the thread, please use your hand to touch whether there are foreign body burrs along the edge of the drum, which will lead to the thread breaking. 
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