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Operation steps of terminal machine

1. Turn on the switch of the terminal crimping machine source, and the power indicator lights.

2. Pay attention to whether there is a noticeable difference in the inside and outside of the machine. If there is a suspension, please check whether the maintenance is needed.

3. Choose and install the knife: it is operated by the designated personnel, and it is necessary to perform the manual comparison with the selected blade before loading the knife. It can be operated without error. Knife installation is completed, the manual test must be used. Firstly turn off the terminal mechanical and electrical source, cut touch button, using a dedicated plate loom, master-slave pulley. The terminal machine stamping trip to maximum, for that hand did not move, considering whether stress or other problems, checking the debug to be OK. The lock screws should be checked and confirmed before the operation.

4. Loading: Install the terminals that need to be hit, use the Allen wrench to adjust feed clamp, and the terminal can easily pass, visual feed position whether appropriate, if not, adjust it, using the Allen wrench to loosen feeder lock screw, a screw dynamic adjustment of the level. Until it is in the best status, then lock feeder and lock screw, begin to work.

5. Testing tension: After the machine is OK, try to take waste wire, tensile test, the main reference value to see "the pull test table" for the specific operation method is as follows, press the tension test the zero key to zero. The terminal wire clip will need to be tested. If the test strain is beyond the scope of standards, the mechanics will adjust it again until reaching the standard value.

6. Trial 10 PCS is sent for the first IPQC to be confirmed that the inspection is OK, which can volume production. In the process of production, the operator must self-check whether the terminals having the plastic bags, hanging, etc. are poor, testing a terminal tensile every 1 hour.

7. Tidy up fine products and waste products after production, cleaning up the surrounding environment sanitation of the machine station.
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