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Terminal machine can also be called terminal press or terminal crimping machine. In recent years, most of the previous terminal machine market has been replaced by full-automatic terminal machine. With the advantages of high efficiency, free hand, high precision, super quiet and so on, the full-automatic terminal machine in recent years has won the love of many enterprises.

The Difference Between the Full-automatic Terminal Machine and the Semi-automatic Terminal Machine

There are many types of terminal machines, the most commonly used nowadays are the full-automatic terminal machine and semi-automatic terminal machine, these two types of terminal machines have a lot of differences as shown in the following:

The full automatic terminal machine is the integration of a server (mute) terminal machine, its operation principle is different from that of an ordinary terminal machine. The server receives information and transfers it to the motor, which means the full automatic terminal machine has finished an action. After the program is set, press the start key, the equipment will run automatically, the manipulator sends the material automatically without manual delivery. One machine equals to ten workers, and the material can be cut to 4000 terminals per hour.

The semi-automatic terminal machine, we generally call it the terminal machine, that is the vertical type terminal machine that we often see on the market now. This terminal machine has a pedal type clutch because the motor runs continuously when the terminal machine is in operation, and each time stepping on the pedal, it will give one power off signal which looks like "O". This is one of the most common types of terminal machines. They have every function you can name, the terminal machine’s price is not high. Compared with the automatic terminal machine, the semi-automatic terminal machine needs manual delivery. The output of the terminal machine depends on the speed of the delivery workers, and the output value can only reach 50% of that of the automatic terminal machine.
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