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XC-80C Mini Solder Pot

XC-80C Mini Solder Pot

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Feature of XC-80C Mini Solder Pot

  • Adopt the high quality stainless steel solder bath, that is heat resistance, anti-corrosive, tin non-stick, Quick temperature rise, long service life, economy of electric power and easy Operation.
  • Use of internal heating ensures the heating tube working without air oxidation. Thus to lengthen the service life of heating element.
  • Microcomputer chip intelligent control. Enable to have temperature sitting freely within a range of approxiamately 200-450°C.
  • Apply to weld the small circuid board, especially suitabel for transfrom, coil, tinning on T pin of the wire.

Specification of XC-80C Mini Solder Pot

Model Power Capacity interior diameter
XC38C 150W 300g Φ38mm
XC50C 200W 500g Φ50mm
XC80C 250W 1600g Φ80mm
XC100C 380W 2300g Φ100mm

  • xc-80c-mini-solder-pot.jpg
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