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  • X-60 Label Dispenser Machine

    X-60 Label Dispenser Machine

    * Available Width: 5 ~60mm
    * Available Length: 10 ~ 300mm
    * Feed Speed: 1.6″/second(40mm/second)
    * Max. OD of Roll: 7.9″( 200mm)
    * Will dispense labels and die-cut parts
    * Photosensor Accuracy and Reliability
  • X-100 Label Sticker Dispenser

    X-100 Label Sticker Dispenser

    * Available Width: 5 ~100mm (2″-4″)
    * Available Length: 10 ~ 300mm
    * Feed Speed: 5.1″/second(130mm/second)
    * Max. OD of Roll:10″( 250mm)
    * Ideal for most labels, various sized label
    * Ideal for faster speed and better power than Labelcombi-60
  • X-130 Automatic Label Dispensing Machine

    X-130 Automatic Label Dispensing Machine

    * Available Width: 5 ~130mm (2″- 5.1″)
    * Available Length: 10 ~ 300mm
    * Feed Speed: 5.1″/second(130mm/second)
    * Max. OD of Roll: 10″( 250mm)
    * High Torque Motor for large diameter label rolls
    * LCD counter can show how many labels has been dispensed.
  • X-180 Auto Label Dispenser

    X-180 Auto Label Dispenser

    * Available Width: 5 ~180mm
    * Available Length: 10 ~ 300mm
    * Feed Speed: 100mm/second
    * Max. OD of Roll:12″(300mm)
    * Automatically removes paper, vinyl,acetate, polyester, foil, etc. from its liner
    * Automatically rewinds liner scrap for acleaner working environment
The micro - label dispenser has not been developed in the country for a long time, but it has brought great changes to the whole industry. Because of the automatic mode of the micro-label dispenser, the traditional way of label stripping is changed. In the development of the label stripper, bojin always adheres to independent research and development, and thus leads the market in various manufacturers.
Dispenser is small in volume. It looks simple by appearance, while the internal control system of induction is complicated. The striping machines in the market of the early days are basically imported, and the price is relatively expensive, thus only a few companies in the domestic enterprises use it. combined with the practical situation of domestic enterprises, after conducting researches and development, bojin successfully broke through the various technical problems. We developed a label stripping equipment with lower cost.
Although the domestic label dispenser industry starts relatively late, the performance of all aspects has been improved after years of development driven by market demand. There is no doubt that the bojin label dispenser will play a greater role in all aspects.

The use of label dispenser:

Firstly hang the label paper roll, attach the label reel to the hanging board and then fix it to the positioning plate. When inserting the guide plate, insert the label paper into the middle of the feeding guide plate to make it U shape and adjust the guide plate according to the label width. Open the device and place the label on the three branches of the paper holder, that is to say, hang the label paper to the paper holder. Put on the interlocking lever, you must hear the sound of the lock, so that you can really buckle. Then turn on the power to use.
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