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Note for Tape Replacement of Automatic Tape Dispenser

Automatic tape dispenser is what we call carton sealing machine, which is widely used. Many cartons are sealed by tape, so the frequency of tape used in the use of automatic tape dispenser is very high, the customer needs to change the tape frequently. However, many customers reported that when changing the tape, there were all kinds of problems, which had certain impact on production. What problems should customers pay attention to when changing the tape?  1. When replacing the tape, we should pay special attention to the position of the cutter. the movement of the operator's hand should not be too large. He must be careful to avoid being stabbed by the cutter knife. 2. When the adhesive tape is used, it must be partially removed when the rubber head is inevitably wrinkled. In the process of resection, the tape should not be pulled hard and the hand strength should not be too strong, because the tape is a material that can break easily.  3. When replacing the tape, please note that the adhesive surface of the tape must be oriented. Two sides of the tape should be very careful when installing the tape. The adhesive surface must be upwards. Because the tape has to be turned several times before it can be glued to the top of the carton, it must be very careful when it comes out. 4. The distance of the tape reel should be fixed. It seems simple to install the tape reel, but there are a lot of things to pay attention to in actual operation. The distance of the tape reel is one of them. This distance determines whether the tape can be properly sealed on the middle seam of the carton. Therefore, users should pay attention to the installation of the tape reel.
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