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BJ-2400 Ultrasonic Cutting Machine (Auto-change knife)

BJ-2400 Ultrasonic Cutting Machine (Auto-change knife)

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Ultrasonic Cutting Machine (Auto-change knife)BJ-2400

  • Model: BJ-2400
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Power: 2.3kw/2.6kw
  • Cutting Length: 20-99999mm
  • Max. Cutting Width: 100/35
  • Cutting Speed: 120 p/min
  • Sound Frequency: 20K Hz
  • Recommended Pressure: 40-70Mpa
  • Weight: 152kg
  • Stand Package Size: 700*610*1450mm(L.W.H)

Unique technology sharing of cutter platform

Imported high-power acoustic transducer, easy to cut off the thick, thin material, the cutting surface is smooth without burr. Imported cylinder, long service life. Sharing technology platform unique cutting knife, knife mold can carry a variety of shapes. Touch screen operating system, more convenient operation.

Product Detail of Ultrasonic Cutting Machine (Auto-change knife) BJ-2400

Cutting automatically, Operation easily, Application range widely, cutting edge smoothly without burr.

Special features of Ultrasonic Cutting Machine (Auto-change knife) BJ-2400:

  • Auto-change Knife: setting the data about what shapes you needed, the system will change the knife automatically. Four knife moulds installed on one knife Case. Eg. Straight knife, round knife, swallow tail and punching mould shape etc.
  • High Speed: It can cut 80-140 pcs per minute.(eg. 50 mm long)
  • Accurate: Cut-length is accurate owing to a stepping motor.
  • Cutting Type: Imported high-power efficient transducer, easy to cut off variety of thick, thin materials, cutting surface smoothly without burr, it is not frayed.
  • Automatic Operation: It works automatically only by setting length and quantity.
  • Computerised: Automatic work, stop. The special fault self-diagnosis, directly show the fault problem on the screen, it will easy for you to find dear way to repair.
  • Automatic Stopper: It stops automatically if materials run out during operation.
  • Memory: Set length, set quantity & set speed are not erased even if power off & on.

Application of Ultrasonic Cutting Machine (Auto-change knife) BJ-2400

All kinds of Woven Belt, Shoelace, Zipper, Safe Belt, leather strap etc.

Ultrasonic Cutting Machine (Auto-change knife) BJ-2400
Ultrasonic Cutting Machine (Auto-change knife) BJ-2400

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