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BJ-12U Auto Ultrasonic Tape Cutting Machine

BJ-12U Auto Ultrasonic Tape Cutting Machine

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Specification of BJ-12U Auto Ultrasonic Tape Cutting Machine

  • Available Width: 1 ~ 70mm
  • Available Length: 1 ~ 10000mm
  • Speed: 180pcs/min
  • Accuracy: ± 0.1mm
  • Power Supply: AC220V 50Hz 1500W
  • Measurement & Weight: 1500L×500D×600H(mm)
  • Weight: 110KG/150KG

Feature of BJ-12U Auto Ultrasonic Tape Cutting Machine 

  • This machine employs imported ultrasonic generator, using the moment high temperature through microcomputer controller to process the soft materials with different properties and nature.
  • It has various cutting functions like pressing lines, discarding, eliminating static electric.
  • It is a choice equipment for the clothing trademarks industry. Suitable label tape, ribbon, and other clothing washed Mark.

  • bj-12u-auto-ultrasonic-tape-cutting-machine_1505267075.jpg
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