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BJ-14U Ultrasonic Digital Label Cutter

BJ-14U Ultrasonic Digital Label Cutter

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Specification of BJ-14U Ultrasonic Digital Label Cutter

  • Knife: Ultrasonic hot cutting
  • Sensor: Electric eye sensor
  • Available Width: 1 ~ 80mm Or as customized
  • Available Length: 1 ~ 10000mm
  • Speed: 200pcs/min (50mm length)
  • Accuracy: ± 0.1mm
  • Power Supply: AC220V 60HZ/AC110V 50Hz 2200W
  • Measurement: 1200X530X1300(mm)
  • Weight: 80KG/100KG
  • If you required other shape, such as straight; swallow tail; and other shape, It only change a cutter is OK.

Feature of BJ-14U Ultrasonic Digital Label Cutter

  • Ribbon edges intact and beautiful, neat trimming smooth, excellent cut, The edge tidy and not rought.
  • The cutting machine adopts PLC control panel, automatic feeding, computer counting, high precision, high speed and efficiency, quick and easy.
  • For gift belt, nylon belt strip, strip ribbons cut straight knife, oblique knife, dovetail and other shapes.
  • BJ-14 with an electronic eye function, suit cut printing artwork ribbon.

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